Mudder is a high gain distortion pedal. It's my personal favourite flavour of Big Muff. It has the familiar characteristics of the Big Muff clipping diodes distortion, but with a more modern tone.

How does it sound?

Mudder has the same kind of diode clipping distortion that you know from the Big Muff, but Mudder removes the normal Big Muff tone circuit and instead utilizes the filters within the clipping stages to subtly shape the tone of the distortion.

Mudder prefers mids, which makes the pedal more usable in a recording or band setting. It also provides further tone shaping options with the "Smooth" switch and a more fuzz like distortion option with the "Boost" switch.

The classic Big Muff sound is very stylistic and cool. It can take you back in time to the 70s or the 90s, or it can take you far into the future. However, there are some situations where it can be hard to use. The tone circuit involves very heavy filtering which cut out a big part of the mid frequencies. Mids are a very important part of the guitar sound in most situations, especially in band and recording settings where the guitar needs the mids to cut through the mix.


Mudder tries to deal with this issue by keeping the classic Big Muff distortion characteristics while shaping the tone in a less invasive way, not cutting out big chunks of the signal but only trimming the bass so it’s less invasive and dampening the high frequencies to reduce shrill sounds.


The “Smooth” switch allows you to shape the tone additionally. The filter smooths out the high frequencies by engaging additional low pass filtering in the diode clipping section.


The “Boost” switch adds additional compression to the distortion, pushing the sound closer to fuzz. Engaging the switch will overdrive the input amplifier, making the signal distort before it hits the diode clipping sections.

Mudder sounds good with other gear as well!



With Drum machine 

and synthesizer


If you are interested, go to my Reverb Store and check it out. I use only high quality parts in my pedals and a lot of care goes into making the enclosures and hand wiring the pedals. They are built to last a long time and a lifetime warranty comes with each pedal. If your pedal is acting up, i'll fix it for no additional charge. All pedals are stamped by hand, so minor inconsistencies in the labels might occur. Also, all pedals are hand polished and the polishing method brings out different swirls and shades in the aluminum, so each pedal looks different.


Tilde Elektriske Kretser - Mudder: $180 USD
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For norske kunder/for customers in Norway: 
Tilde Elektriske Kretser - Mudder: 1800 NOK
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